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Mission, purpose, and destiny

Mariolas - that's what the piles of stones in the mountains are called in Portugal. In the past, trails were not as well marked as they are today in the Tatras. Mountain journeys were much more demanding. The characteristic piles of stones helped to find the right way. In heavy fog or unfavorable weather conditions, stacks of stones helped, among other things, people who grazed animals in the mountains.

Currently, we can come across a fashion or even a game that involves setting up piles of stones. Sometimes there are hundreds of them, and in some places thousands. In 2019, Rzeczpospolita published an article presenting France declaring war on tourists. Not because she wants to destroy the tradition, but because the fashion began to violate the natural ecosystem (including the coasts in the Breton municipality of Camaret-sur-Mer).

Why are you writing about it? What does the pile of stones have to do with this portal?

The piles of stones helped determine the right direction for mountain hikers. The portal you are on also aims to show the way and help you save time planning your trip. Someone has already taken the time to plan the trip. You can use their tips and make your trip more enjoyable.

Share your experience and answer a few questions. We will carefully review each of them, and after collecting the appropriate number of experiences, we will publish them on the website. If you haven't been to one of the peaks and don't have the opportunity to share your experiences, share the link with your friends. Perhaps they will be able to contribute something!

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